Our story

Across the UK and beyond, the coworking movement is growing at remarkable rate. There are thousands of coworking spaces in the UK, and new spaces are being created each year. We know that extraordinary people build and work in coworking spaces and this is revolutionising the work place for the better. Coworking and collaborative places generates new ideas, support diverse communities, inspire innovation and creates enormous human value and social impact. Coworking spaces are driving the demand for better work places and a more human centred approach to work.

Up to now, there is no single UK national organisation that puts people at the heart of coworking. That’s where we come in. The ACC was founded to unify and support the UK’s coworking movement to empower change. We are part of the EU Coworking Assembly, joining a collective voice across Europe.

Our team

Mike Ziedler

Founding Collaborator

Jo Royce

Marketing Collaborator

Peri Taylor

Social Collaborator