The Wisdom Council – how it works and how to join

This association has a Wisdom Council made up of people with the skills, knowledge and experience to help us fulfil our mission.  This page describes how it works and who’s on board.

How it works

The Wisdom Council is a ‘standing committee’ – permanently on call to do three things:

  1. Offer advice and support when a question, challenge or request takes the core team out of their depth
  2. Help with strategic direction and decision making when required
  3. Help the membership learn and grow by modelling the collaborative culture of learning and mutual support

People who are part of the Wisdom Council may be invited to offer their views or attend a meeting from time to time, whenever their particular contribution would help with one of the three tasks above.

The Wisdom Council as a whole only meets once a year unless members of the council request it themselves.  At the annual meeting, the council reviews its contributions and offers the core team its strategic view on the year ahead. This meeting takes place a month before the company AGM.

How to join

Membership of the Wisdom Council can be by invitation from the core team, or nomination by others. We seek people to represent all of the likely or possible interests of the association – including:

  • people who run collaborative places
  • people who use collaborative places
  • people who service collaborative places
  • people who build collaborative places
  • people who advise or support those who use collaborative places
  • people who study collaborative places

To qualify for the Wisdom Council what’s needed is:

  • A connection with the association’s interests as above
  • A commitment to the mission, values and theory of change
  • A personal willingness to learn, share and collaborate

Nominees join after an informal interview to clarify mutual interests, availability and expectations, and to cover any other questions that come up.  These are done either by a member of the core team, or one of the core team plus a member of the Wisdom Council itself.

At the end of the interview, members are invited to sign the following pledge:

I pledge to help us get the best out of each other in support of the Collaborative Places mission.  I will be open to personal learning and do my best to be constructive, appreciative and solutions focussed at all times.  I will stay tuned in to what’s going on, keeping an eye out for opportunities to contribute, and I will respond to requests for my time whenever I can.  

The Wisdom Council is entirely voluntary, and no money changes hands – so there’s no fee for joining, and no expenses can be claimed.

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