First Edition January 2020

The Association of Coworking and Collaboration is a membership organisation for people running, using or supplying our national network of the coworking, event and community spaces where well-being of people and planet is a primary concern. We share a mission to grow our positive impact together across the UK.

The ACC commits​ to helping members improve the well-being of people and planet through their work with the following services:

1. Learning & collaboration​ – ​we pledge to catalyse and convene members, helping them collaborate and experiment with the best of what works on their learning journey.

2. Research & Quality Assurance​ – ​we pledge to make impartial assessments of the quality of product and service offers in use by the membership, analysing and publishing the trends and evidence of impacts observed.

3. Representation​ – ​we pledge to promote the interests and concerns of our members in the most constructive ways we can, showcasing solutions where they’re available and supporting innovation.

Members commit ​t
o increase their positive impact in the world by participating in the following ways:

1. Learning culture -​ ​ we pledge to behave in open and inclusive ways, seeing our differences as a source of strength and potential for wisdom

2. Collaboration – ​we pledge to share best practice and find ways of working together wherever our efforts can be productively combined

3. Participation – ​we pledge to be active in our involvement with the network, to attend meetings , make cross-referrals, provide facilities , and take part in research/reporting*.

Failure to uphold these commitments may result in membership being withdrawn.

(*A minimum of two appearances (at any ACC event or forum) are required per year and space provision is provided on a ​pro bono ​ basis. Donations of community support like these count towards ACC ‘collaborative rating’ scores.)

This membership agreement is in force by mutual consent on receipt of payment of the appropriate fee:

– Micro space £99 – Spaces with 0-99 seats across all locations. Micro spaces ​ include makerspaces, community spaces, event spaces and other collaborative places. Seats ​include all available kinds (desks, workbenches, hotdesks and casual work surfaces) across all locations.

– Small space £150 – 100-250 seats across all locations

Medium space £225 – 251-1000 seats across all locations

Large space £350 1000+ seats

Sign up for membership here:

The Association of Coworking & Collaboration CIC is a company limited by guarantee (No.​12142535​). Reg Office: 128 Cotham Brow, Bristol BS6 6AE